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English TCG for Sale or Trade?

I haven't posted about this in awhile so I thought i'd post the links again. I would prefer selling but trades can be considered for things from this post* ,or anything from Breakthrough that I don't have as I only bought two booster packs.

Common- $0.20
Uncommon- $0.50
Rares- $1
Offers on groups of cards can be considered as well.

B/W Era and Earlier:

XY Onward:

I also have a Meloetta EX avilable in my misc. flats post (everything in here is sale only):

US Shipping starts at $0.50 cents, international begins at $3.

NOTE: I have two Breakthrough code cards for the online tcg. I can give them for free or sell/trade them. It'd be $0.50 for both.
Tags: meloetta, sales, tcg, trading
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