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Mini Sales--Breakthrough!

I'm still working on organizing my giant TCG sale posts so keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks ;)
In the meantime, I've got quite a few Breakthrough cards I'm not planning to keep so if you haven't bought any packs yet or are just looking for singles you've come to the right place! <3

--My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/diamondphantom/
--Granted sales permission August 7, 2015 by areica96

All prices are in USD!

I come from a smoke-free home c:

I have one dog but he doesn’t touch any of the goods; there may still be hairs though as he sheds like crazy |D If you are concerned about allergens then I would be cautious about buying from me.

General Rules
-All community rules for sales/auctions/trades apply.
- Do not retract your offer. If there was a mistake in your comment, reply to it immediately with the correction.
-A negative feedback will be left if you simply withdraw/fail to go through with your offer and do not contact me otherwise to explain yourself.
-I do not sell to banned members or anyone I deem to have too many negative feedback.
- First come first served; please be courteous.
-If you have any concerns about an item PLEASE ask for more pictures; it’s no problem I promise c:
-If you fail to pay for an item within 48 hours, the item will go back for sale and you will be given a negative
-Items do not include shipping or Paypal fees

-Haggling is a-okay! But please don’t feel rejected if I turn down your offer.
-Please make it clear if you are committed or asking for a quote.
-By commenting on a sales post, you are bound by my and the community rules

- I only accept Paypal with one exception.
----If you are in the continental US and want to send cash/check you can do so HOWEVER, I am not responsible for any money that is lost in the mail. If I don’t receive it, you didn’t pay :c

- I ship from Alabama in the US
- I do NOT currently ship internationally. However, feel free to ask as this will likely change. (It’s really expensive for international)
- Domestically, I will ship via the US postal service.

-Flats start from $.60 and packages start from $2.60
- I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items once they are dropped off at the post office/put in my mailbox

-I am open to trades/partial trades :D
-I am mainly interested in carbink, diancie, nidorina, and raichu goods. (secondarily are mew, kyurem, and pichu.) Feel free to make other offers though ^w^

I have multiples of most of these c: So just ask! All but a few are in perfect condition, I'll let you know when you ask~

Marowak BREAK--$1.50
Typhlosion HOLO--$.75
Quilladin/Swoobat Uncommons--$.20 each
Rest (Rares)-- $.50 each

Dedenne uncommon--$.25
All rest (uncommons)--$.20 each

Top row + Staravia Uncommons-- $.20 each
Rest (Reverse Uncommons)--$.25 each

Reverse Holo Stunfisk--$.25
Rest (commons)--$.10 each

All commons--$.10 each

All commons--$.10 each

Both Noibat--$.15 each
Rest--$.10 each

Top row (commons)--$.10 each
Noibat Reverse Holo--$.20
Rest (Reverse Holo commons)--$.15 each

My wants list is here if you want to trade c:

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