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cards for trade and wants!

So my boyfriend and I have spent far more than we should have on Breakthrough boosters trying to pull Zoroark, Zoroark Break, and/or the full art Mewtwo featuring Zoroark. So far I've pulled a Mewtwo EX and a full art Houndoom EX and he's pulled a plain old full art Mewtwo EX, a Mega Mewtwo X EX, and a Florges Break haha along with other holos and such.

I had pictures of a bunch of holos and RHs, but they turned out worse than I expected due to my phone being crappy XD so, instead, give me a list of what cards you're looking for or even just name a Pokemon and I will see what we've got and take pictures then if need be :) Of the cards I already named, Florges Break is the only one up for trading! I'm really only looking to get the Zoroark cards that I am missing.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback-

Here are all of the Zoroark cards I am missing that I am aware of. I much prefer the English version if it is available just so everything matches but I am open to other languages

I am also looking to get all of the Zoroark pan stickers! I currently have none XD I can trade cards for these as well or buy them, and I am also looking for other Zoroark stickers now too (I believe this picture is from splash)

And while I'm at it, here's the link to most of my other wants- but I am open to offers concerning Zoroark things that are not listed as well :)

I also decided to list all of my junk I had for sale on eBay since I need money and I need them out so here's the link to that in case anyone is interested-

I am super excited for Thanksgiving break even though I'll be working most of the time XD
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