raichu_saana (raichu_saana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

KOREAN BREAKthrough Sales

I'm offering Korean-language BREAKthrough TCG cards for sale. I don't think I've seen Korean cards here more than a couple of times, so it's a good opportunity to get something special for your collection. :) All the card are in mint condition, like new.

RULES (please read first):
- I ship worldwide
- Shipping from Finland and PayPal fees will be added to the price.
(Notice that until 11/26 there's a strike at the Finnish Post, so the delivery might take an extra week or so)
- I usually ship items 1-5 days after I received payments
- I am not responsible for lost mail
- Sales permission granted in 2007 by heerosferret.
- Combining shipping with items from my shop is also possible ^^
- My feedback

Raichu (holo) 3 USD
Pikachu 1 USD
Stunfisk 1 USD
Cubone 1 USD
Swinub 1 USD
Piloswine 2 USD

Trainer cards and energies will be sent as freebies (1 freebie per bought card). :)

Tags: cubone, pikachu, piloswine, raichu, sales, stunfisk, swinub, tcg
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