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Art/TCG Trades? Looking for Shiny Kids!

Hello everyone!
So, I've gotten some packages in the mail over the past few months containing some shiny kids. I forgot how much I love these little fellas, and would love to get some more to add to the family! (I have a HUGE collection update planned!!!)
So, I was wondering if anyone has ANY shiny Bandai kids that they would like to trade for some custom flats or some TCG? I can provide a list of what I'm looking for if it would help, but I'm not too picky, as long as I don't have it already! :)
Please inquire about TCG; I have a large binder of cards from base set through hgss sets, and some ancient origins and aqua/magma as well.

Sales Policy:
- Sales Permission granted by SKDarkDragon on July 8th, 2015.
- Feedback link here- http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eboncharizard/
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned/non members.
- Prices are in USD
- Prices do not include shipping/ PayPal fees.
- I only accept PayPal at this time.
- Payment is due within 24 hours once we agree on the final product.
- I ship from Michigan.
- I currently do not ship internationally, as these are my first sales.
- Shipping is via USPS, in an envelope for all artwork. For the envelopes I will be using, the USPS shipping rate I have is $5.75 per envelope.
- I will ship your piece as quickly as I can when it is finished.
- I will message you when your piece ships.
- In case something is damaged upon arrival, I MUST see a picture of the damage within 24 hours of its arrival, and I can re-make your piece for you, or give a refund (unless people start abusing this).
- For custom drawings, price will vary from piece to piece, depending on complexity, time, etc.
- I will send you a picture of a rough sketch before finishing the piece.
- Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to finish your piece. They should be done sooner, but I do get busy (if circumstances don't allow me to get it finished in that time frame, I will let you know first).
- I come from a clean, smoke-free home. I have three dogs (I keep them away from my collection) and two snakes.
- I will accept trades for Items from my wants list here- http://eboncharizard.livejournal.com/1654.html
- For more examples of my work, feel free to visit my DA- kingdragonart.deviantart.com

Team Picture- Traded to Meowsticwarrior

Carbink In Real Life- Traded to Diamondphantom

Raichu In Real Life- Traded to Diamondphantom

no title
Togekiss in Real Life

Real Life Nidoran Male

Thanks for reading! :D
~ Ebon
Tags: custom, figures, kids, sales, trading
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