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A very tiny gets post

I have arrived in Nebraska in one piece! Unfortunately I will not be able to re-open my sales anytime soon as I had wanted to, as I have no idea where the box with all my sales stuff is at the moment. All of my stuff is kind of crammed in the adjacent room while I'm in my temporary home. Sorry if anyone was interested in anything/waiting. (I doubt it, but figured I'd mention it.)

I finally got my computer hooked up so I can post my gets! I could have done it from my phone, but it's so much of a hassle.

I was lucky enough to receive my Salamence suction cup figure RIGHT AS WE WERE LEAVING my home in Pennsylvania. I was worried it wouldn't come in time and would have to be forwarded on, but the mail lady pulled up right as we finished packing the car and were saying goodbyes, low and behold it was there. I didn't even have time to open it, I just tossed it in the car and took off.

Once I arrived at my new home, the two packages I had sent there just in case they wouldn't make it to my old home before I left, had arrived.

Mightyena and Salamence battle clicker figure thingers I won from an auction here, and the lucky arrival Salamence suction cup! Crappy photo. Flash looks horrid, but without it was dark and grainy.

The other package awaiting my arrival in Nebraska was this flat lot I won on Ebay.

But... why in the world would you buy this lot, Leash? I doubt it was for those stickers featuring Reshiram... there aren't any other Pokemon featured you collect!





Mint in package, plastic bookmarks featuring the one and only Suicune! They had slid around a bit, so I gently opened the sticky seal to try and place them back into their little places.. They don't like to stay put.

I'm debating if I want to unpack my Suicune collection, or just leave it boxed until we find a house. My desk feels so... empty. =(

Look forward to me getting an income again, fellow PKMNCollector sellers! I'm itching from withdrawal! Muahaha!
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