pokemoncats (pokecats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New get + Another Figure ID question

I won this tin in a eBay auction for just under 2 bucks. I like it because it has basically all 4 of my favorite "fire" Pokemon. Just had to pose Flareon and Ponyta with it, lol.

I know I've seen this in couple other collections, I've always wondered where this Vulpix is from. Is it one of them "candy" figures?

Still got my eye out for a Jakks Pacific Eevee...I guess I'll consider that to be my grail :P
On another note..started to catalog my collection and it is still very much under construction so pardon the dust. (do work a lot and about to get busier with the holidays coming up). Perhaps y'all can help fill the holes on the descriptions and such for the Poke stuff on there. I'm clueless on some of them.

Edit: Jakks Pacific Eevee has been found! yay!
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