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Pikachu Mega Campaign Additional Photos

Pokemon Fan was just released in Japan, and included were additional photos and information about the upcoming Pikachu Mega Campaign on December 12th!

Aside from the seven plush that were announced previously, we will also be getting mascot plush, acrylic keychains, and hand towels for sure!! More merchandise *will* be included in this promotion as well -- maybe we will see more in today's Pokemon Center news site update. The full lineup is now up and you can see it here!!!!

So far only the Charizards are confirmed for mascot plush, but who knows, maybe we'll be seeing them all!! All 7 mascot plush have been confirmed!

More information on my blog here: Clicky click

Series 1 Goods List (prices without tax):
Regular Plush (7 types): 2,000 yen each
Mascot Plush (7 types): 1,200 yen each
Hoodie (Charizard X & Y): 3,600 yen each
Clearfile Set: 1,680 yen
Die-Cut Acrylic Keychain (7 types): 650 yen each
Acrylic Charm Collection (9 types, likely blind packaged and smaller): 500 yen each
Masking Tape (Charizard X & Y): 800 yen each
Sticker (7 types): 200 yen each
Sticker Sheet: 500 yen
Hand Towel (7 types): 500 yen
Pass Case (Charizard X & Y): 930 yen each
Pouch: 1,500 yen

Who is your favorite in this first series?? I love Mega Altaria-chu so much!
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