latiasylveon (latiasylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Steven Stone Campaign and MegaCosplaychu Mascot photos revealed!!

Let there be mascots! (I NEED THEM ALL! :D)

There will also be towels, acrylic keychains and poncho! Hope they make figure straps some day.

(Who else here loves mascots? ;u;)
They look so well-made! Fingers crossed for the rest. ^^
And these:

(I know there was a post before about these, so if this isn't allowed I'll take it down.)

ALSO, a trainer campaign!
This time its.... Steven Stone :D

So nice to see so many cool items!

What do you guys think? I like that spear thing and I love to see Metagross getting more attention!

More info here:
Thanks to ninetails for the info!

Wants link:
(Looking to buy)

Please PM me if you are willing to sell any of them to me, looking for these especially:
Tags: altaria, audino, lucario, metagross, pikachu, sableye, slowbro
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