kimbasnowpaw (kimbasnowpaw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Lucario or Riolu plush.

I've taken an offer, thank you!


So it's been about a million years since I poked my head into this community, but I'm back because I'm looking for a Lucario plush.  I've been checking Amazon and Ebay but most offerings seem kinda sketchy and I want to make sure I'm getting a real one, because it's for my little sister for Christmas.  She's not a collector, but she loves the games and those are her favorites.

I am looking for any Lucario or Riolu plush, 6" or larger (also not mega Lucario).  It does not need to be in mint condition, and I don't mind if tags or strings are missing (she won't notice/care), but no bootlegs.  I've mainly been looking at Pokedolls, because they seem to be easier to find, but I would prefer to get something larger if I can find it.  I looked around at some of the recent sales posts and didn't see anything, but I may have just missed them because I was scrolling kinda fast.

I have a kind-of budget of $40 before shipping but I will definitely go higher (possibly $100+), so don't hesitate to post if it's above my limit.  I don't quite know what to expect in terms of prices so I am very flexible on this.  Shipping would be to 93309.  I just want her Christmas gift to be special.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: lucario, plush, riolu
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