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Does anybody have a FireRed/LeafGreen Cart with the Mew Event on it?

A little bit of a weird request, but does anybody here have a FireRed/LeafGreen Gameboy Advance Cart with the "MYSTRY" Toys R' Us Mew event? This Mew was given out at Toys R' Us around the US on September 30th, 2006. I was watching a cart that had this event on it on eBay, but unfortunately somebody made an offer and the seller accepted it, so I missed it.

Somebody else has the actual DISTRIBUTION cart up for sale. This is the cart that was used at the Toys R' Us to distribute Mew to players who brought their game in. As such, the cart the person is trying to sell has PC Boxes full of Mew. However, they were asking $700 FOR IT! They lowered it to $550, but that's still A LOT for a game cartridge! They are taking offers, but I'm sure they'd think I'm crazy if I offered $100.

Anyways, the reason I want Mew on a Gen 3 cart is because those are my favourite generation of Pokemon games, specifically FireRed/LeafGreen, and Mew has eluded me for many MANY years. the only time I was able to own one in-game was through glitching in Red/Blue/Yellow, and even then, I can't trade it up to higher generations!

So, does anybody have a FireRed/LeafGreen Cart that has Mew on it that they would be willing to part with? This is a longshot, but, I'd also accept the Japanese Emerald cart with the "Old Sea Map" Item, which allows you to go to "Faraway Island" to battle and catch Mew yourself.
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