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Tracking Down TOKIYA Cards + A Single Get!

'Ey again community! I hope you're all doing well. It's two days before my birthday and I'm thinkin' "hey, you know what would be a good gift to myself? Some more Pokemon cards from my favourite artist, that's what!". And so, here I am, shuffling through decks and checkin' sales posts for some of my favourite renditions of these lovely monsters.

These cards are my current top 3 that I'm hunting for! Ninetales is from HeartGold/SoulSilver, Yveltal is from BREAKthrough, and Arceus is from Platinum Arceus. Ideally, I'd like to get them all as regular holos - reverse holos are nice, but kinda hurt my eyes a bit. Ninetales specifically has a very neat "shattered holo" pattern, where some of the illustration is holo and the other bits aren't. It's pretty rad but I am having a wicked time finding it. Still, if you happen to have any of these cards, do let me know! If you don't, that's cool, they're not the only ones I'm looking for.

I actually went ahead and compiled an entire list of the cards TOKIYA has gone and done, both for personal collector's reference and in case anyone...ever needs to know what cards he's made for any other reason, I suppose. It's uhm, it's really big.
THANK YOU Livejournal for your easy upload resizing! You should be able to click it to see it fullsize. I've gone ahead and marked what cards I have, what type they are, and what I'm currently hunting for the most (!!).
If I have a card that's normal, or reverse holo, and you have it in regular holo, feel free to offer it! I'm also looking for just regular ol' normal cards too, as long as TOKIYA is the illustrator.

Still on the subject of cards though, how 'bout that get?

I've waited so long....
I've been collecting cards for almost my whole life now, but I never managed to pull one of these bad boys myself (probably a good thing too, considered how adept my neighbor was at tricking me out of nice cards). A really, really big thanks to wobbuwhit for selling me theirs! I feel like a little kid again, and my collection feels almost complete (even though it probably never will be, haha)!

That's it for now! I wish you all the best, and Happy Thanksgivings to those that are in the US with me. Take care!

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