Junie (shinybanettes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas Want!!

Hey all! I haven't posted in so long, and I apologize for that! I've been quite busy, and had not had a chance to post a collection update cause of that ;o; And I have also not been able to update my collection for the fact that I have recently bought my first fursuit!! :D But now that it is getting close to Christmas time, I thought I'd post a quick want. This is actually my current grail, I've been wanting one for quite some time now. It iiisssss..... THE DX WEAVILE POKEDOLL!!

I know this is kinda a long shot, but I thought that I'd at least try to find one for Christmas! I should also mention that I don't care what condition it is in! I don't care if it has rips, stains, tears, missing tag and/or tush tag, anything of that sort! Although, I am gonna say that if it's not in the best condition I'd probably prefer paying a little less than what it's worth in new condition. Either PM me or comment with offers if you have one you'd like to sell! If you do have one to sell, I'd be forever grateful!! ;w;
Tags: wants, weavile
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