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Voltorb & Electrode Collection - English pg. 12 & 13

Now that I finally got my scanner to work, I can continue with the updates. It's been a long time coming, but my English collection willcome to a close with these next two pages. In addition to the cards, you can see that I now use black pages to hold my collection. This was true for the previous updates as well, but I was using old scans because my scanner was acting up. Anyway, I do prefer the black pages since they don't show any cards behind them and you can focus on what's right in front of you. Plus, I think they look nice in my new, black binder.

Anyway, off to the good stuff!

Plasma Freeze Electrode
Plasma Freeze Electrode RH
Plasma Freeze Electrode non holo - theme deck exclusive
BW76 Promo Electrode
XY Voltorb
XY Voltorb RH
XY Electrode
XY Electrode RH
Roaring Skies Voltorb

Roaring Skies Voltorb RH
Roaring Skies Electrode
Roaring Skies Electrode RH

At this point in my collection, I had put my competitive career behind me and focused entirely on Voltorbs and Electrodes. The non holo Electrode form BW8 was actually an exclusive card to one of the theme decks. In the main set, you couldn't find a non holo version.
The 5th generation caps off with a Plasma promo Electrode before heading into the 6th gen, where, quite. frankly, I was a bit surprised that Voltorb and Electrode would appear so soon, let alone twice. In keeping with the recent trend, the new cards featured some nice artwork. XY Voltorb has a very cool background in my opinion, while XY6 Electrode tells a story in a unique depiction.

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing my English collection! It is currently completed with 111 unique cards. For my next collection update, I will start from the beginning with my Japanese collection. Feel free to ask any questions an stay tuned for the next update!
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