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Sales reminder with lots of discounts!

Hello everyone! I bet I'm close to the first anniversary since I said that I'd do a collection update but unfortunately it's not the time yet >_< (it will come one day, I swear)

Today I'm bringing you some very cool discounts - I'm offering a buy 1, get 1 for free offer for most of the flats I'm selling and also for some figures! This offer will last until November 25th so hurry up before it runs out!

You can check the merch I'm selling on the banner below, and I also have some more merch on THIS link! I've marked everything the discount applies to with red letters so you'll find those easily. Of course, I can combine discounted and non-discounted items, and merch from both sales posts together.

Sales information and rules:
· My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on September 2014 and my feedback is here.
· All PKMNC rules apply.
· I ship from Spain and do ship internationally. Shipping is determined by weight, and I will ship all purchases within two days.
· All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food. However, please note that many of them have had previous owners.
· Please choose from regular shipping, or tracked + insured shipping. I won't be responsible for lost or damaged goods sent without tracking/insurance.
· All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees.
· I only accept PayPal. Please remember to send payments as "Goods" and put your username in the memo!
· Commitments get priority over quotes. I will only hold an item if you're 100% committed.
· I accept trades or partial trades for things in my wants list!

As a reminder, I'm still looking for a Blaziken PokéDoll! I'm offering up to 100USD worth of merch, art, or any combination of both (even a partial payment as long as it's not more than 50%) in exchange for one. I'm not looking for a particular version as long as it's not custom/bootlegged, and I don't mind if it doesn't have tags, if any seam is coming off, it the fur is a bit pilled/dirty as long as it's something I can fix. You can find art examples on my deviantART and tumblr galleries.

And as for some minor wants, I'm also looking for the Kid figures HERE (I'd prefer the seller to be European as well because of shipping), and also the following TCG, preferably in English:

That is all for today, thank you for reading!
Tags: blaziken, pokedoll, pokedolls, sales, tcg, wants
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