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Still around! Adorable Vulpix gets!

Hi everyone! Long time, no see!

I've been checking the community quietly, but regularly. I love looking at everyone's collections and their Gets posts... I have great appreciation for the new Pokemon items, I just don't buy as much anymore. BUT - I'm always hunting for additions to my Vulpix collection. So today, I bring you some gets, including a very special early-birthday-present-to-myself custom!

My sewing promotion Vulpix plushies came in! They're so soft and cuddly and so adorably flower'd all over O3O I'm very pleased with the new pose and design of the tails, despite that they're a little inbalanced and sort of awkward... Overall, the plush sit very well and they're great quality.

I'm going to have do do some re-arranging of my Vulpix shelf. It's expanded so much, that either I have to put away the twins of each plush or I'm going to have to scoot my ghosties onto their own separate shelves... I'm thinking giving my ghosties a new home is the best option. I need to fill some wallspace anyway. ^-^

Aaaaand now... the super sweet, adorable, Kirsty-exclusive custom:

An all-pink, bubblegum Vulpix! Made by Yukamina-Plushies!
There's quite a bit I wanna say about this plush:
1 - I just happened to be admiring YP's previously made Vulpix plushies, when I realized that she was taking commissions and that she was willing to remake previous commissions. She was super nice, very communicative, and SUPER fast! It was done in like less than two weeks!

2 - I originally wanted a Vulpix with the same, beautiful orange color palette, but I already ahve so much of that on my shelf... I didn't like the idea of 'just another Vulpix plush.' I love the pattern that YP developed for Vulpix, and I wanted something special.

3 - Normally, I don't like alternate colored Pokemon. I'm a bit of a purist, and I don't really appreciate alternate colorations other than shiny. But I really wanted something pink. And then it came to me... I wanted an 'Exclusive Kirsty Edition' of a Vulpix plush! (Heavily inspired by solid-colored special editions of Hello Kitty plush that I've seen x / x / x)

This is the first custom that I own that I feel like was 100% made for me, not just a Vulpix fan

And it fits in so adorably with my other beloved pink and kawaii collectibles <3 <3 <3


Well... not a lot of other updates. I pre-ordered some other Pokemon plush scheduled for release in December. So it'll be a really long time before I actually have those in hand.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll see ya soon ^u^
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