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Reintro? What's that?

(My reintro is a month and a half late... Life has been busy. >_>; )

Hi everyone! It's time for my 4 year reintroduction! Ive been a member way too long. :P

My username's Areica. I have loved Pokemon since I was little, and casually collected TCG when I was little. In 2011, my boyfriend (who is still my boyfriend currently) showed me one of his childhood Pikachu plush. I went looking online to buy a matching one, and stumbled upon this community. I have been a proud member and active Pokemon collector ever since! My main collections (and what most members probably know me for) are Pikachu plush and Pokedolls. I also collect TCG but I haven't worked on that in quite some time.

So here's a quick collection update. :) Just a warning that this will be very image heavy, and very plush-crowded!

...My room is really narrow. This is what happened when I tried to stand on a chair across from my cabinet.

*Stands on the bed instead*

Much better.

Some more pokedolls crowded over here.

And here's the crowded Pikachu wall!

And here's the crowded TCG tins and some figures!

Oh look, more crowded shelves!
....Yeah, I need to renovate a bit. XD

Now for the more exciting part of my post; a grail get I picked up todayyyyyy :3

(I included Glameow because it also arrived today, and the stickers because I like stickers. XD)
Psyduck plushplush! Look at him in all of his derpy glory!

He's so derpy that my photo uploaded sideways for an unexplained reason and I can't fix it!

His eyes stare into your soulllllllll.

I now have all of the plushplush that never got Pokedolls! If you could make one into a pokedoll now, which one would you choose? My personal choice would be Larvitar.

Here's another thing I totally forgot to post about because I was so busy with school:

For those of you that don't know, I have been trying to collect one of every pokedoll/plushplush in the regular size. Tufty has always been my top want from all of the pokedolls made, and I honestly thought he would be one of the last things on my wants (I mean he kinda was, but you get what I mean. XD)

Look at these babes together! I am a very happy pokedoll collector now <333333

And here are some items I'm waiting on from YJ~

Pikachu oversized shimmery pokedoll! Because, you know, I definitely have room for more large Pikachu plush.

Gen 3 Pokedoll stickers! Thank you very much to moonlightpkmn for showing me these when they were up for a cheap BIN! I love how cute these are, especially those little torchics. <3

A bunch of flyers! I actually really like flyers, especially when some of them are pokedoll and the original PC online related! XP I find it sort of ironic that I will now own an ad for smoochum before actually owning smoochum.

Speaking of smoochum, to wrap up this post:
I am on high patroll for this pokedoll. This is the last expensive/uber rare pokedoll I need for my collection. Any and all help finding this will be extremely appreciated!

Thank you everyone! <3
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