natsu_neko (natsu_neko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants/ISO- Latias, Latios, & Togekiss

Hello peeps- still busy finishing projects, but I come today in hopes the community can help me find a few things!

For starters, I'm looking to get a Togekiss plush (Like the Korotto Manmaru) for a friend as a Christmas gift. Doesn't need their hang tags but preferably with their tush tag. Alright/Loved condition is A-Ok!
Found! Thanks you guys! <3

For the Latis, I'm on an active hunt for THIS GUY-

Arms Out/Nuigurumi Latios plush. I have his sister, and like with Espeon and Umbreon, I can't stand seeing a pair separated. If anyone has one for sale, or knows of one for sale, please let me know! <3

To tie this up, I'm looking for various Latias things to complete the Latios side. Items I'm hunting for are under the cut.

-Latias "standing" and floating kid figures (Not the attack kid)
-"My dearest" Latias pin
-Latias keychain figure (Forgot the name. It had a Japan and US release, and was attached to a ball chain?)

Thanks for your help, and I hope to be a little more active here in the future!
Tags: latias, latios, togekiss, wants
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