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Moving Sales! Eeveelutions Galore!

Hello everyone!

I am moving across the United States in 3 weeks! Unfortunately, I have to fit everything in my little Mazda, so I am looking for new homes for some of my Pokemon collection. Everything must go! Whatever doesn't sell will be put in a lot on eBay. There are a TON of Eeveelutions and other cuties under the cut, so come check it out! Be sure to read the rules and check out the end of the post!

- All pkmncollectors rules apply
- I received sales permission January 2009 from denkimouse (Gin)
- Current feedback can be found here:
  Old feedback can be found here:
- Please state whether you are committed or asking for a quote. Those who are committed have priority and those who commit first will also be served first (based on timestamps, not edits)
- Pricing is in USD
- I ship from Montana, USA
- I only accept PayPal
- Pricing does not include shipping and PayPal fees
- Payment is due within 24 hours
- I will only hold an item if you are 100% committed and can pay within 3 days; if you need longer, we'll talk
- Not accepting trades at this time
- All items that are not sold will be put into a large lot on eBay on December 1st
- I do ship internationally
- I ship every day as needed (except Sundays and holidays, of course) and you will be notified when your items have shipped
- Please note: I do live in Montana and winter started weeks ago. If there is a bad snow storm or I feel that it is too dangerous to go out, I will not be driving in it. I will contact you if the need should arrive.
- I am not responsible for a package once it has been mailed; please tell me when your package arrives
- Reasonable haggling is accepted - the more you buy, the more we can make a deal!
- Please feel free to ask for more pictures or information on items
- You can combine with my non-Pokemon items! Please see the bottom of this post for more information.

Now let's do this!

Eeveelution Cups - all MIP
Both sides shown
$15 each (Eevee and Leafeon are left)
SOLD: Flareon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon

Eeveelution Mugs - all MIB - Flareon was taken out to show design, but first time it's been out of its box
$25 each ALL SOLD

Eeveelution Pokedoll Figures - all MIB
Vaporeon somehow opened at one point, but you can see that the figure is still wrapped in its package
$15 each
SOLD: Umbreon

Japanese 1:1 Fennekin Plush - MWT and perfect condition
$50 $45

MWT Eevee Cushion - perfect condition
$60 $55

Eeveelution Blanket - MIP, never opened
$90 $80

Assorted Plush - all MWT
Japanese Raichu Pokedoll - $65
Japanese Substitute Plush - $20
Winter/Christmas Fennekin - $50
American Fennekin Pokedoll - $10

Large Eeveelution Plush - all MWT
I Love Eevee Flareon - $15
HQ Eevee - $25 (it's like touching a cloud in plush form) SOLD
1:1 Second Release Eevee - $35 SOLD

Quilava Plush
Custom Crochet Plush - $10 SOLD
Bootleg Plush - $12

Pokemon Center Eeveelutions - all MWT with both tags
$15 each, or buy the three Gen 1 Eeveelutions for $35!
SOLD: Umbreon

Other Plush
Buneary - FREE (may increase shipping)
Vulpix Egg Plush (MIP) - $40 SOLD
Eevee Egg Plush (MIP and wrapped) - $40 SOLD

More plush!
Shiny Magikarp - $40
Lapras Canvas with detached tag - $25
Eevee and Vaporeon Japanese TOMYs - $10 each

Pokemon Box Lollipop Charms
$30 Umbreon (2x 1x), Vaporeon (1x), Jolteon (1x)
$20 Eevee (1x)

Packaged Figures
Empoleon - $3 or free with purchase of $10 or more (may increase shipping) SOLD
****I also have a Torterra that is the same as Empoleon! I can take a picture for you, if you'd like!
Pikachu and Flareon - $7 for both
Note: I can take them out of the package for you if you want

Talking Palm Figures - MIP, never opened
Sylveon - $20 SOLD
Eevee - $15

Pokedoll Keychains - MIP
$10 each
SOLD: Jolteon

Cookie/Candy Tins - does not come with sweets
Eeveelution tin - $20
Spinning tin - $30 SOLD

Eeveelution Cookies - I recommend not eating them!
$1 each or free with purchase of $10 or more
Eevee (2x), Jolteon (2x), Vaporeon (2x), Flareon (2x), Espeon (2x), Umbreon (2x), Leafeon (3x), Glaceon (2x)

Round Cookies - I recommend not eating them!
$3 $2 each, except Wobbuffet, who is $1
Eevee is cracked, so it is free!

Pokedoll Charm Keyring - $25 $20
Eevee Bell Charm - $5
Sparkle/Sequence Eevee - $10
Growlithe Pokemon Time Bookmark - $15
Eevee Tape - $5 SOLD

Excellent Eevee
Lottery Eevee Figure (MIP) - $10
Yokohama Eevee Socks - $5
Eevee Kid (comes with flattened box and sticker) - $5
Yokohama Strap - $3 or free with purchase of the Yokohama socks

Large Flats
Year of the Dragon Clearfile (MIP) - $20
Sylveon Clearfile - $10 $5
Eeveelution Hanky (both sides shown ) - $10

Eeveelutions with You (take them everywhere!)
$3 each
SOLD: Flareon, Umbreon, Jolteon

Eevee Jewelry
Hairpins - $20 $15
Necklaces - $30 each BOTH SOLD

Eeveelution Ippai Figures - all MIP
$3 each ALL SOLD

Complete Eeveelution Zukan - all MIP
$25 for set SOLD

Random Fire Types Appeared
Quilava Sticker - $2 - or free with purchase of a Quilava plush (see above) SOLD
Typhlosion Pencil Topper - $3

Eevee's Mansion Binder with Paper (both sides of each shown) - both MIP
$30 $20 for both

Other Flats
Sticker sheets - $5 each 1 left! The last one got bent and the Entei sticker is now peeling off a little, so I've lowered this one to $1
Eevee Notebook - $5 SOLD

Be sure to check out my non-Pokemon sales (mostly My Little Pony) here, too:
If you purchase from my Pokemon sales (this post) then you get 25% off of one item from my non-Pokemon sales!

Tags: eeveelution, fennekin, figures, growlithe, mewtwo, plush, sales, vulpix
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