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collection update!

hello everyone!~ it's been a while since I joined the community this year, and my collection has grown quite a bit. just wanted to showcase the before and after pictures, because I realised how crowded my shelves are now (haha).



I had to shift my Gudetama & Korosensei plush on top to make way for my Pokemon collection. It's a little messy and unstable ever since I added December-chu to the gang. I'm glad he can sit upright but his flat butt takes up a lot of space!!

secret base pikachu is hanging off the ledge... hahaha..

Costumed-chu gang!!

As for the second shelf (which was almost empty last time, wow)...



ta-daaaaa!! it doesn't look very full, mainly because i moved my display of non-pokemon items away for this photo.

tiny kuttari mountain :3 the pumpkin-chus are actually pretty squeezed up in the corner, they keep falling hahah.

many thanks again to cyritic for the little tales pikachus!!! it has been a long-time want of mine ^^

I think I need more things to elevate them though... my other tiny shelves are partially blocking them. :( I tried rearranging this shelf but this is the best I could do. (help)

I don't have any space to put my favourite Pikachu!!!!!!! This tomy pikachu is the best !!!!! It's so fluffy and soft and floppy and it doesn't faceplant!!! Currently it's sitting on the edge of that shelf because there isn't any space :( The thing around its neck is a fragrance charm, a souvenir from a friend who went to Taiwan. Pikachu smells like Lavender now...

There's a bunch of other small stuff in my storage drawer, but I haven't figured out how to properly display them. How does everyone display their flats/keychains/mascot plush? :o

That little box there is a sneak-peak of my tiny pin collection. :3 I'm still waiting on 2 more pins to arrive in the mail, then maybe I'll do a separate post on it (if anyone's interested). Sadly the 2015 Christmas Pin was out of stock when my middleman was at the center :(

I know it's mostly the new releases which may be kind of boring to see. I'm trying to work up the courage to bid on things on Y!J!! It's kind of scary when you don't know the exact price you're paying, haha.

that's all for now! hopefully this post wasn't too boring. I only did updates on my shelves because it was the most glaring difference (since everything else was stored away).

Question of the day: Do you ever look back at your first collection post and realise how much it has grown?
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