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Birthday gets

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a nice weekend, because I had!
Last Saturday i turned 22 years old already, and I have got lots of beautiful presents!
Take a look here :3

Got this from my father and my stephmother, I have been waiting for it sooo long!! :3 Im leaving for holidays tomorrow, and now I can take this with me to spend some time!

Got this Pikachu hat from a good friend of mine, never knew I would get something from Pokemon!!

Got the Monopoly and Game Boy Color from my best friend <3 i know she would get me something cool, but never thought of this!! I especially love the Monopoly because I love the game but still didn't have one, and now I have the most awesome edition!!! I also got a Zigzagoon birthday card from her!

My lovely boyfriend bought me this!!! His aunt is painter and she (re)painted my favourite Zigzagoon pic! I love it so much! Thanks honey <3

Also got some other stuff from my boyfriend, I just made 1 picture of all, but you see here I also got a Pikachu birthday card and a thermos bottle with the eeveelutions!! :D

My stephmother made me this awesome cake <3 I love it so much, after my birthday I always feel like I have the best friends and family because they make me smile with all their jokes and they know the stuff I love <3

Im just gonna post my grails here, just in case someone of you might have something I like :3

** Suction cup is coming my way already!! And the Japanese bean is also  almost mine, so they don't have priority **

Im also gonna post my full wish list here.. :3
Click here for my wish list!

Have a good day to you all, and I am back after my holiday!! (4th of December) But I'll be checking PKMNCollectors sometimes anyway ;3


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