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New custom get, tcg and collection weeding sales!

 I'm running out of ideas for custom plush for my bats, but the most recent commission I had has to be one of my favorites and I had to show him off owo

First up is a drawing of my favs by aarux! I had a thank you note scribbled by them from when I bought something a long time ago that I adored and when they opened up commissions I new I wanted something :> Also, if you can tell I've been playing FE:if and I'm in love! Anyone collect the Fire emblem cipher cards?

WOW. SO WOW. I commissioned lrk_creations/lyndsaygorawr for a Noibat in a Noivern hoodie ^^ It's heavily influenced by itsbirdy's artwork of of a pokemon in a hoodie/onesie of its final evo :> Everything about this plush is perfect! The hoodie comes off too and everything ;w;

Off goes the hood!

HE'S SO PRECIOUSSS. I honestly can't. Evertime I lookat him I just die a little on the inside. He's too cute!

I also did a little collection weeding. I finally got together my TCG so my entire card collection is up for sale! If you're interested I was working on a Pokedex project spanning the 6 regions and...I gave up xD So that along with a lot of bulk cards are up for sale!

I will also be working through weeding out my Sylveon and Eevee collection. If theres anything in particular that you're looking for please feel free to ask and I can check if I have it/willing to part with it :)

Also some new things that are added are figures from my Charizard collection as well as two custom Mega Char plush up for auction :) so please come check it out!

Click pic below or this link to go to my sales post :)

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