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Chain's Collection Update 2015 - Part 2 of 3

Hey everyone!

I have finally came around to doing part 2 of my collection update. I decided to extend this to three parts instead of two as I don't have much time to finish photographing everything as I had hoped to do by now.


DX Hoenn Starters!!! My collection would seem so empty without them!

Oversized Kanto starters! These are so soft and incredibly well made! I think these are the cutest Pokedoll versions of them out there.

Oversized Hoenn starters! These guys are just as cute as their DX counterparts and are also really soft like the Kanto starters.

Phanpy and Wailord!!! These two (and Snorlax) are the highlight of my DX collection for me. Here you can see that Phanpy is actually bigger than Wailord. He's tied as being the biggest of the DX with Snorlax I think.

DX Arceus looking as majestic as he should. I would watch the movie featuring Arceus again, but his voice makes me cringe, haha!

Who would've ever thought that the masters of time and space would be so camera-shy? :O

Does anyone recognise this position of the dolls? (Excluding Shaymin.) I'll give you a hint:

And here are some extra pics I took of all of them!

Hope you enjoyed that! Now I have a surprise for everyone...

Yay! DX Pokedolls!!! I should have written auctions for this sorry. Not sure why I wrote sales instead.

Also a couple of special eBay auctions...


Yes! It's the extremely rare and limited DX Phanpy and Daisuki Club DX Shaymin Pokedolls!!! You want one? Now's your chance to win it before it's gone! Simply click the pictures to go to their respective auctions.

Good luck to all auction participants!
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