shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ghost Ippai GB is in!

It took awhile but today the Ghost Ippai figure set came in. Everything came safely and the seller even included a free Regigigas  keychain! I don't like that pokemon much but it was nice of them to include it even so. :3 If anyone would be intested in it I am asking $1 for it.

GB Participants: If you are located in the US shipping will be $3.50. If you are outside of the US please let me know what country you are located in and I will calcuate the shipping from there.

This affects volcanopokemon,kidgengar and xxiiijamesiiixx. Please pay within a week of this post if possible. My paypal is

Original post is here:
Tags: banette, cofagrigus, gengar, group buy, regigigas
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