Vincent Lillo (yukinokami) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Vincent Lillo

Small sales!

Hello everyone! I have the pokémon mate figures, Fennekin Christmas and Pikachu plushies  up for auctions! all japanese with tag 100% new.
I ship from Chile and the shipping includes track number (never had a problem before). :3

The auctions end on november 27 (friday) at 17:00 Pacific time


-       Sales permission granted in 3/20/2013 by: allinia
-       I accept PAYPAL only.
-       I ship worldwide from Chile.
-       I ship fast! So when i get your payment, shipping will be in the same day or next day depends on my time.
-       I don’t accept trade for the moment.
-       I’m not resposible for lost package after i have shipped it.
-       Every package will have tracking number includes in the shipping.
-       I don’t accept returns.
My feedback here:

Fennekin Christmas 2013 plush. Start at 30   plush 8 dollars shipping worldwide

Pokémon Mate figurines x4 start at 20 usd plus 10 usd shipping worldwide

Pikachu plush set start at 15 plush 8 shipping worldwide

Please wait topics before bids!

Thank you!
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