Sabbo (sabbolt) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mysterious Ditto get

Hi there, i managed to get a Ditto-Figure from a japanese seller on From Japan but i'am not sure what it is...maybe someone in the community knows...

It is about 2 inches and out of a rubbery material its very sticky, it also has a hole like a penciltopper. I know about a sticky Ditto-Marill-figure.. I never saw this figure before, even my research doesn't show pictures, so does anybody know what it is and if there are more? thank you in advance^^
also, i'am not sure how to display it, want to use a case to protect it from dust but i'am afraid it sticks on the bottom and can't be removed ;v; I'am thankful for any kind of advice^^

Tags: ditto, elekid
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