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Finally! Collection update + re-intro + info about future sales

Hello guys!

I wanted to post update of my collection for a while but I was waiting for few packages to arrive... I'm still waiting for some items, but today I finally had some time and I decided to take pics of everything! ^o^

Here's little something about me:
My name is Jakub, I'm 23 and I'm from Poland (Cracow). I used to collect Pokemon stuff when I was about 10 years old. Then I took a long break from pkmn collecting. Meanwhile I've been into Disney stuff, I collect figures etc from Pixar movies. If you're interested you can take a look at some of older pictures of my collection here. I still have a huge collection of cars from movie... Cars XD and a lot of other stuff.
I'm working as freelance illustrator (you can see some of my works here ), I'm planning to go to school abroad next year - I want to study animation and then... who knows? :D I really just want to make some new friends and meet new people.
I joined community in February this year. When I joined I mainly collected TCG (mostly Pikachu) and I had only one plush! Now... I collect everything that I find cool :D I have a lot more plushies and I love them - you can see pictures of everything below!

Now let's move onto some photos!

Here's my cabinet with plushies!

And here're some close ups, first off - my tiny Pikachu collection! As I said above - when I joined this community I only had one plush and it was Mega Tokyo Pikachu ^o^ Now I had few more and I'm not sure which is my favourite? :D

Next one - Dedenne, Pancham and few other guys, I love all of them! I'm super glad that I bought DX Pancham plush, he's super cool.

Last one - some random plushies including few Pikachus as well. That Froakie is somehow special as I bought him here in Poland. It's almost impossible to find Pokemon related stuff in regular shops! I bought that one in TK Maxx :D

Here's shelf with some figures, Amiibos and other things...

And here're some close-ups:

Some mip figures ^o^

And again - random stuff including Beams Pikachu I bought for really nice price off eBay ^-^
My mom bought this gengar in second hand shop for me :D

I started collecting TCG about a year ago, I don't really remember to be honest. First I bought few English boxes but I wasn't really happy with my pulls :/ Then I decided to collect only Japanese cards and Pikachu cards. I didn't took pics of my whole collection, here're my favourite ones!

My 1st Pikachu shelf - here're my favourite cards incuding art contest Raincoat Pikachu! (second from the left).

2nd Pikachu TCG shelf - jumbo cards and some other stuff :D

My TCG binders :>

Pikachu binder in which I store my Pika collection

Random page from Pika binder :D

And another one :D

Japanese promos, I especially adore Ghost Pika (1st from the left in the last row)

I really like mini sets and I have few of them, here's Pokemon Rumble mini set that includes Pikachu:

And here's Arceus Movie mini set, I love it :D

McD promo mini set:

And the newest mini set, I can't remember it's name at this moment :D

Sealed Pikachu promos:

Pikachu postcards :>

And few other Japanese sealed promos ^o^

That's it guys! I'm super glad I found this comm few months ago, it's awesome! <3

Also I've got some info for those of you who're interested in sales:
Soon (within week or two) I'll be posting big sales - there'll be flats mostly - Japanese cards (not tcg), stickers, book pages etc...
Now I have quite big list of people who'd like to be tagged in my sales post BUT if anyone else would like me to tag them then just LET ME KNOW! :D

Thanks for looking, stay awesome! ^-^
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