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✿ 2nd Year Anniversary Re-Into, Collection Update, & Mini-Grail Get!!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

This is a big post today!! I have so many things to share!! First one being that my second year on pkmncollectors was last week sometime! Of course i was way too busy to post then, but today i did a big collection re-organizing, and took many photos to show! :D
Anyways i'll keep everything under cuts to keep the front page nice.

beepbeep.gif Hello everyone!! My name is Meaghan, and i am the community's most dedicated zigzagoon & linoone collector! You can call me Meg, Zigs, Ziggy, or anything really. My username in most places is Zigguppafu! I have been a member of the community here for 2 years now, but i have been collecting for much longer! You have probably seen me around before because i am very active in both commenting and posting, but if you haven't, i'd love to be friends so please say hi! :D I am very friendly! (Although in person i am so anxious and shy around others that i am almost completely mute... so yay internet LOL ).
Anyways, i am 24 years old, i live in an attic with my boyfriend whom i've been dating and living with for 3 years now, and i am currently working as a housekeeper/supervisor for a hotel! I just got my license so i am hoping to start looking into local raccoon rehabs in the spring, were i can learn to handle and care for injured or needy raccoons(and other small animals), and release them again! It's just a dream at the moment, but i do know of a few people in the area that can help me, and now that i can drive i think i can really start getting into it!
I LOVE raccoons very much, and i assume my love for the zig line originated from that! I feel like my collection has been very successful when i look at it. It is my ultimate goal to own every single piece of merch with a zigzagoon or linoone anywhere on it and document it over on my website here! I am very proud of this project so far. I have discovered with the help of my friends here so many items that i never even knew existed!! It has grown so much in the time i have been in this community. Honestly, it is my favorite collection that i've ever seen. As much as i love some of the collections other people have, my own is the one that warms my heart when i look at it. <3 So many of my friends here have helped me find all of the items. I can't help but think of you all when i look at it! I may be a quiet loner irl, but it makes me truly happy to know that i have so many friends here, and that is part of what my collection means to me. c:
So now, without further ado, i present to you my collection!! :D

First i'll start with my favorite part, the ziggys and noonys! If you click on the photos it will just link you to larger photos!
Plushies!! Look at all the happy faces! I just love them all so much! This shelf filled up pretty fast since a majority of my customs were finished and shipped all around the same time! Winston is very happy to be surrounded by so many friends! I just have one more set of plushies in the works and a backpack on the way and then it will slow down a bit. I can't commission anything else until the holidays pass.
All of my figures and random items!! I have some art pieces hanging up here and a couple flats! I actually have an entire drawer where all of my flat items and books are hiding until i get something to display them in. That will be a huge project in itself! I'm thinking i'm eventually going to make a custom scrapbook with small plastic pockets to safely secure each item in.

A few more views of the shelf.

Full Collection Display. It isn't very much, but when you live in an attic you don't really get to be choosey haha. xD

That's about it!!

Next up is a MINI GRAIL GET!!! (and some other note-able items!! :D )

Winston: "Mamma look what i found!"
Winstom: "Mamma are you okay...?"
Me: *Endless screeching*

Look at how perfect and beautiful it is!!!!!! TuT I am the happiest zig in the world! I just can't believe it!! A HUGE and endless amount of thank yous go out to raz2b for trading it to me!! I am waiting to get a green ink pad from the store the next time i go so that i can stamp it! Everytime i look at my shelf now my heart jumps in excitement! One mini-grail down and only two to go! I can't wait for the day that i can take a photo of Winston together with all 3 of my mini collection grails. <3

Just a quick peek here at some more new things i received recently! Remember that Skitty TV with the linoone channel i was going crazy looking for? Well i ended up with THREE of them somehow! xD 2 came in a toy lot which i have since sold, and the 3rd was one i had bid on YJ for and won it mint in the box!! :D Also that tissue pack that i was so sure i would never find!! A few people here actually linked me to it and i couldn't be more grateful! <333 clicky797, xxlatiosxx i think you two were the first ones to show me!! THANK YOU! <333 :D

AND LOOK!! New friends arrived from ArtisansShadow on DA!! I just love these floppy little guys!! Their names are Zoony and Loony, as given to them by the artist herself!! C:

I've added all of the collection photos and more to my website here:

Also for anyone interested in that giant box of kid figures, i went through it and organized everything by color and took photos last night! I'm working on a sales post for them now so keep your eyes peeled in the next few days!! :D <3 Here is a photo of the box. That meganium is the ONLY one i kept out of the hundreds there. o.o

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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