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Some Gets - A New Plush and Poke Center Loot Christmas Mystery Box!

Hey people.

Well as I have been getting back into collecting, I stumbled onto a site called Poke Center Loot, a site that ships Pokemon Center items to the UK =D (Curse you official pokecenter website for not shipping to the UK!).

And as such I made a couple of impulse buys. A certain plush and a Mystery Christmas Box!.

I did actually do a video, but the quality messed up and the audio de-synced and it was all around a failure so here is a photo journey instead!

So I got this huge box in the mail and was like woah, but it felt surprisingly light. So I opened it, and here is how it went:

So this was the original box:

But as I opened the top, the mews from my shelf came down to see what was inside...

They must have been able to sense their new brother as at the top of the box we found the most adorable mew plush ever!

Yes this was the plush I bought, the new Pokemon center Mew. And I love it <3

But that wasn't all of course. Now the box was sadly filled with a lot of tissue paper but inside was a smaller box!

So, taking it out we looked at it wondering what was inside, this was infact the Christmas Mystery Box.

Now the box cost me £28 and is stated to have a value of £40 (by the sites prices not the retail obviously, they need to make some profit x3).

First we have!

Snowman Pikachu Plush!

Next we have!

Adorable Christmas notebook!

Then we have!

Cute Froakie Snowman Keychain!

Finally we have!

Some nice candy cane sweets and two small breakthrough Japanese boosters, which pulled me a nice full art trainer =D!

All Together:

And that was the opening of the mystery box. Perhaps not the best value for money, but was super fun to open and a great idea for a nice mystery gift.

If you are interested check out Poke Center Loot. They currently have a new year box for sale in the same style.

So I put mew with his family:

As for Pikachu, we may need to work this shelf around a little!

Thanks for reading my photo journey x3.
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