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Gets Post/Mini Review Thing!

This is my first gets post, so please bear with me. Anyway, I recently received some items and I thought it'd be fun to show them off for you guys. This post will be quite image and text-heavy, so beware.

The first item is this cutie:

The fuzzy Takara Tomy Eevee! bulbalaur made a gets post about the fuzzy Pikachu Tomy a few weeks ago, and that inspired me to get Eevee. Our very own kitzune picked Eevee up for me and I cannot thank her enough!

Eevee's super cute and I just love her! She's super soft and feels amazing to touch. The brown fur feels somewhat like minky, but is a bit longer and softer. The white fur around her neck is shaggier and feels kind of like a faux fur kind of material. Don't get me wrongit's still softbut the brown fur is much softer. Tbh, the white fur kind of reminds me of what a long-haired cat feels like lol.

More angles:

I love her floppy ears and tail. Her ears and tail flop right back when you pick her up (I could not get a good picture of it. Sorry!), making her look like an excited little puppy-rabbit-cat-thing.
Her tail is huge! Seriously, it's like half the size of her body. As with the rest of the plush, it's super soft and I can't help but touch it.

The stand she came on is super cute. I know that the brown kanji in the middle are Eevee's Japanese name (Eievui), but I cannot read the rest.

However, I would like to bring attention to this:

Apparently, XY & Z is the title for the new season of the anime. Does this basically confirm that the next Pokemon game will be called Pokemon Z (which most people assumed it would be named, anyway)?

More pictures of the stand:

The bottom of the stand even mentions her floppy ears and tail. It also shows that she has the cutest little pads on her paws. I can't read the kanji, so I'd appreciate it if someone could help with the translation. Thanks. :)

Here are the pads on her paws:

Lastly, here's a size comparison:

She's a pretty decent size. I believe she's the biggest plush I own, but that's only because I only collect Kuttari and Pokedolls lol.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend this plush. It's super cute, amazingly soft, and is just perfect for cuddling. If you collect Eevee/Eeveelutions, you have to get this plush. You won't regret it!

And now let's move on to some other recent gets: Wave 3 Kuttari!

Both Sylveon and Leafeon are super cute! I only have these two of the wave 3 Kuttari right now, but I'll be getting the other 4 from skdarkdragon's November claims post. She said she'd be receiving them shortly and I cannot wait!

Starting with Leafeon, here's a few more pictures:

My personal favorite Eeveelution! Leafeon is just so adorable! I love the multicolored ears and tail, along with the little leaf accents all over his body. Honestly, I think this is the best Kuttari I own. He looks amazing! They even got his tail down perfectly so it's looks like it's a little crumpled-up leaf! The tag art is just amazing, too. Honestly, the Kuttari series is my favorite tag art of any plush line so far. They did a fantastic job with it.

Moving on to Sylveon:

Sylveon is also super cute! The plush is very well made, but I do have a few gripes with it. The multicolored ends on her ribbons and the pink parts on her bows are made of a vinyl-like substance, not fabric. That means it feels plastic-y to the touch and I don't find it pleasant. Also, (I forgot to get a good picture of it, but you can kind of see it on the one of Sylveon's belly), the edges of her ribbons are yellow. I'm not sure why or if all of the Syveon Kuttari have yellow-edged ribbons, but mine does and I dislike it. It makes her look dirty, despite the fact that I only received the plush like two weeks ago. Lastly, the ribbons are made of a felt-like material, meaning they're not very soft and fuzzies and other random things just love to stick to her ribbons. Sylveon's tag art is to die for, though! It's super cute and I just love the little cartoon ribbons.

Despite all that, I still really like the plush and I think they did a good job with her. However, I do like the Leafeon Kuttari more than the Sylveon one. I'd definitely recommend both of them because they're very well made.

Before I end this, I'd like to show all of you my Kuttari collection!

I only collect the sleepy ones because I think they're way cuter. I already have all of waves 1 and 2, and now I'm just waiting for the rest of wave 3 from SK.
I really love the Kuttari line of plush and I'm so glad that I decided to buy the original 3 Eeveelutions on a whim. It has turned out to be one of my favorite series and I hope they continue making more. They're so cute and little that I can collect a bunch of them without taking up much space. And don't even get me started on the tag art again! Even Pokemon that I personally don't care for much (Charmander, Mudkip, Pikachu, etc.) are welcome additions to my collection and I love them all. If any of you are on the fence about the Kuttari line, I definitely recommend you pick a few of them up. You may fall in love with them like I did!

Before I bring this to a close, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested if I made a collection post. I haven't made one yet, mostly because even posts like this little post are quite time-consuming, so it can be hard with my busy schedule to do stuff like this. However, my 5 month anniversary of joining the community will be coming up in a little over two weeks, so I thought maybe it'd be fun to do a little showcase of what I have so far. Idk please let me know what you think!

I thank anyone who read my gigantic wall of text and made it all the way down here. Thank you so much! :)
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