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Gets + Wants + Comparison: Multi post

Hey guys, I got a few things in the mail and thought I'd share it.
I got that adorable heracross banpresto plush from miss10 Thanks again! Heracross fits in perfectly with my other pokedoll sized plush. I wish bug types got more plush merch. Vulpix and Amaura came from PC.com. I was very relieved that Amaura's sails weren't bent, I've receved some wonky plush from PC.com in the past. I recomend everyone get a Vulpix, it's just perfect. I wish they would give Growlithe and Arcanine the same treatment. I was able to resist Ninetales, but a big fluffy Arcanine would be a must have. The Mel sisters came from Japan, at first I didn't want the Dance forme, but she's growing on me.

I already had a bootleg Mel pokedoll, so I thought I'd do a little comparison just to give people an idea of how good the booties are getting.

so here we have fake Mel on the left and Legit Mel on the right. Fake Mel is a bit bigger, and generally over stuffed. The head is bigger and the body is thicker with more of a tube shape than the triangle shape of the real plush. The real pokedoll is also made of better quality fabric.

In this shot on the bootleg we can see that they used too much glue on the blue stone, which is causing a dark bump. The real pokedoll has a nice and smooth blue felt piece. The bootleg sits up higher because of all the extra stuffing it has.

Here we have the tags. Bootleg on the Left, Legit on the Right. The pokeball symobls don't match, the (c) copyright symbol is wrong on the bootie, and the overal font is too large and too bold.

The tags are virtually identical. I believe the bootleg has a legit tag. Other than the creases they are pretty much the same, they look and feel the same.

Had I not known what to look for I could have easily been fooled by this bootleg. It's pretty convincing as far as booties go.

Wants My Updated Wants list as of Nov 2015. Let me know if you have any of these for sale.

And lastly a Sales plug. I have lots of minty plush for sale. Please check it out. Click the Banner!
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