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A "Little" Eevee Gets Party!

Hello Everyone ^u^

It's been a (little) while. Classes and tutoring duties have really eaten my time these past few months. I've been around, just not as much as I would like. Since this is my first break of the semester, it's time for a full post!

I promised in my last post that the next would be a special Eevee filled one. Welp, here it is! Everything pictured is Eevee related in some way, shape, or form. If you're a bit tired of all the Eevee merch. it may be best to steer clear away from here...seriously my wallet needs a Full Restore ^^;

Warning! This post is a tad image heavy. I have some more Eevee goodies in the mail, but this is everything Eevee that I've received throughout the summer until now. Also apologies in advance for the potato quality. Michigan weather has been consistently crappy when I was able to take pictures >->

Like always, we'll start off small :)

I found the Pogs/TAS? at YoumaCon. The logo's there, but I guess they were part of a Lays Potato Chip promotion during the 90s. The Tail Whip Eevee pin is the newest addition to the family. It's really sturdy, and I love pose that was picked. (Thank you thepapayafruit!)

Shiny Things!
The very pretty Gold PokeBox Coin has amazing detail. (Thank you akeyma!) I had no idea the Eevee Pokedoll Pin existed until I saw it; now I just have to find the paper insert that goes with it.

Round Vees!
Eevee's button is so adorable (the others are too). The red cellophane is incredibly faded on the Christmas buttons >.< At least the buttons are fine.

Leafeons, a Footprint, and a Purple Eevee!?
I love the Shiny Leafeon kid, since she looks so different from the normal version, and the Jakks Leafeon is surprisingly delicate. Purple Eevee is one of the strangest figures I own. Her mane abnormally big X3 I guess she was a figure for some weird Tomy game. (Thank you elekid for the information!)

Cubby Friends and Vappy!
I thought the Flocked Eevee would be more like a Pop figure but she's squishy. With Vaporeon, I finally completed the Eeveelution Jakks line! I love Vappy's face; she's looks way more happier than the other Vees. (Thank you so much havaiibabe ^w^)

PokeTime Figure Straps!
The Eevee-line translated very well into the PokeTime design. I didn't know they had bookmarks when I ordered these. For some reason, I received all of them but Eevee and Espeon.

Jingle Bell Plush!
Besides the Eevee with the bow (on the left), Jolteon and Flareon came from a lot. I couldn't believe it and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw them.There were other bel plush besides these 3; no Vappy sadly/strangely, but it's a great start since I never thought I would get this far!

Two Old Timers!
Although they're from different makers and regions, they're kinda similar especially the feel of their manes. I acutally had a Play-by-Play like this guy when I was little. I used to call him Growlithe since I didn't know the difference ^^; I think he was sold in a yard sale :( but ten-ish years later he returned home.

I<3Eievui Trump Motif!
I was somewhat against the Trump Motif set, but I couldn't resist the little card charm. Eevee isn't picutred because the seller I originally bought them from didn't include him T_T...he made it home a few months later; I just didn't get a picture of him ^^;

I<3Eievui something, something Plush!
They're the cutest and the most fun to display. Sylveon's bows and Jolteon's spikey mane are the best; Leafeon, Espeon, and Vappy have the sweetest faces, too.

More I<3Eievui things!
The face mug and huge towel are from kitzune's pick-ups. (Thank you so much!) The towel is huge. I had to make a special display for it. The head-turn plush is way softer than the other plush in the series but not as soft as the HQ.

PokeTime Plush Pals!
I was never a big fan of Pokemon Time merch (their eyes are kinda creepy >->) but these guys are so irresistable. Flareon is unbelievably soft, and Umbreon has the sweetest face. They're all wickedly adorable. (Thank you chocolate_chip!)

Beanie Baby/"Tsums Tsum"/ Kuttari Plush!
I can't really say much about these little guys, except they're super cuddly and adorable. They are a little small, but absolutely worth it. (Thank you Sunyshore!)

Sun and Moon Kuttari!
These two (well four) are my favorites. Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon are on the way, but I can't get over Espeon and Umbreon's cuteness. I mean look at that little, raised paw X3 (Thank you SK!)

The Softest Friendships!
The MokoMoku Eevee is a great cuddle buddy <3 I highly recommend her. The booklet is really beautiful although there aren't many pages. Whenever there's an hour of sunshine, I'd really like to take more pictures of the contents since the artwork is beautiful.

Rolly Polly Eevees!
These guys are the newest, plush members to the clan. I was surprised by how tiny the Kororin Eevee is. It's about the size of an Amiibo. This (disembodied) Eevee head became my new study buddy. It's so soft and huggable. (Thank you kitzune!)

Things of Holding!
The totes are great for carrying summer/beach wear or a few school supplies. As long as you don't over stuff it, the tote is surprisingly durable. (Thank you allinia and chocolate_chip!) The PokeTime Outdoor bag immediately caught my eye. It's not quite the size of backpack, and it doesn't look like a diaper bag either making it the perfect convention bag minus the necessary keychains X)

Towel Blanket!
(Pardon the dangly guys.) I have a Full sized bed, and it covers the entire length plus a little extra. I'm a little afraid to using it because it's so lovely, but it's really great for late Fall chills <3

A Gentleman, Time-Keeper!
Umbreon looks amazing, and the detailing on the back in incredible. IMO this is one of the most detailed pieces from the PokeCen. (Thank you SK!)

And finally for the prettiest and most delicate piece...

I'm sure many of you have seen this bag before. All 9 designs of the Kay Uno were gorgeous, but I had to go with



Eevee of course!

This is the 10K Gold verison. Although I'm not a big fan of yellow gold, it's incredibly pretty. I put the TCG damage counter as a size comparison. Like the other Kay Uno necklaces, it's a bit small and the chain is very delicate. I wish I could take more detailed photos, but Eevee's key and features are distinquishable. The the key notches form an "E." The "E" kinda personalizes it for me since it's my first initial <3 I wore it to an induction ceremony and it is so dainty ^w^

And with that, I've officially run out of memory on my camera :')

Thank you for viewing and for putting up my wordiness! And thank you to all the wonderful members who have helped me expand my collection!
Besides school stuff, I've been doing some rearraning since I have some non-Eevee things that I didn't include here. I have a collection update/1 year anniversary post that I need to post (hopefully) soon ;)

Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving or Thursday.
Until next time!
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