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Finally! Collection Site is up!

Hey loves! n_n/

I have something super special and awesome to show you!

FINALLY, after months of working on it on and off, I have finished my collection site!!
I drew the banner on my own and did all the headings for the respective collections on my own as well. Not having a digital drawing program, I had to do it with gimp xD There are still some things missing, however, I've worked so long on it, and now I thought it was time to finally show you guys. :)

It's name is Little Monster Hut.

Click the banner or the link below to be transported! \(^O^)/


Please take a look and tell me how you find it! :D
Also, if you can find any errors or something, please let me know as well. ^^

Also, I already put down links for my favorite collection sites. :)
I'd be happy if you added my site on your collection site as well <3
Here's the banner you can use:

Also tagging latias_latios_7, pikabulbachu, aarux, aurorabeams, starpurrloin, classypersian, and pkmnexcavation since I figured you might wanna see it. :)


I also have a small reminder of the trade I am searching for!
I am searching for a Phanpy Pokedoll and am offering a Wooper Pokedoll!

Here's the original link:

Thanks for looking! :)
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