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☆ Quick wants + a legendary thanksgiving get

Hey guys! So I'm wanting some iPhone 6 cases....

I know the heroine case is for sale on eBay, but I'm hoping to find a better price with the help of you lovely people! As for the goomy case, I can't find it anywhere. I would like to spend about $20-$25 shipped per case (does that sound fair?). Honestly, I want a wardrobe of Pokecen iPhone 6 cases so I can switch them up; keep things fresh. So if you have another case for sale, please let me know! I also might be interested in flip cases if they can hold cards n stuff. The goomy and heroine cases are top priority though. I would really appreciate any help!!

To make this post less boring, here are some cute pictures of my newest pokedoll! He is a great Thanksgiving helper!!! Warning: selfie/image of humanoids ahead

He is the 2009 JPN suicune, tto. My bf won him on eBay for $25! Good deal! Yay Thanksgiving/early Christmas presents!
We named him Sooicune. Because the bf had trouble pronouncing "suicune" lol.

Snuggled up with his pokedoll bros! All he needs is entei and raikou to join him. <3

Sooicune and I take selfies while the bf watches basketball games. So typical. He tries to enjoy pokeman, I swear he really does. Lol

Sooicune purifies the dishes with his magical powers. Great Pokemon for cleaning up on thanksgiving. c; I just wish I had a little turkey costume for him or something lol

Thanks!!! And happy holidays ^_^
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