Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated sales

Hi guys, I'm here since I have updated finally my sales post with new photos and items. You can check it HERE or click on the Poochyena. I have the take 6 items and pay only 4 again and new stickers :3
I also got this megablok set because I wanted Houndoom and it has arrived this week. I'll only keep Houndoom block so the others blocks will be for sale (if someone is interested let me know) and I think I'll do an auctions with the Groudon since I don't have any idea about its price :O I guess I'll work on the post the next week.
Also, wants... You know, we lost the last GA for other collector so I'm still looking for Larvitar and the others... Thank you guys!
Tags: sales
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