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Pokemon @ McDonalds

Pokemon is Back and McDonalds! I'm not sure if there's anyone else out there who loves these cute little things, but I certainly do!

each of them does something different: Pikachu (Little electric sparks on his clear tail), Lugia (wing flapping action), M-Latios (Shoots a projectile), Primal Groudon (a switch makes his head go back and his arms out), Wobuffet (a trigger opens and closes the mouth), Hoopa (throws little ring disc), Primal Kyogre (squirts water), and Rayquaza (a button opens and closes the mouth).

There's also a set of 12 Promo cards, but 8 figures means you'll have to double up on them. Word of warning, I got some today and it looks like Groudon will probably be the death of the cards; despite the cardboard in the package, Grou's awkwardly pointy body and shape are perfect for bending up cards.

Obviously, since they're fast food toys don't expect superior quality, but they're still really nice little things for your collection or to put up on your desk or something. Generally speaking, most stores sell the toy seperately from the Happy Meal so you don't gotta eat that junk. Each store determines their own prices (So anywhere from 50 cents to $1.99 or more) and some stores even have a Master Case with a full set of the figures!

Along with the toys, McDonalds is doing the first Hoopa distribution in the US. It's simple:

Just go in, go to Mystery Gift, and get Via Internet. Many of the announcements stated you needed to use Nintendo Zone, but that's not quite the case (Nintendo Zone is the internet connection at all McD stores...and things like AT&T stores, Best Buy, etc).

I happened to notice a really awesome Hoopa cutout attached to the toy display advertising the download...and I totally want it. Didn't grab any pics though ;-;

Anyone else collecting these guys or heading out today to get Hoopa?
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