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McDonalds Figures Pickups. ~

I noticed a few of you were super excited about the new McDonald's Pokemon Figures but not located in the US to go get them yourselves.
I'm going to be picking up figures from this promotion and giving them away to you guys for free, all I ask is that you pay shipping! More details under the cut. ~

Sales permission granted by areica96 on October 20, 2015
Feedback can be viewed here

Rules .
. PayPal payments only
. Prices are in USD
. Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or are committed
. Payment is not due until items are in-hand.
. A claim is a commitment, if you back out I will not hesitate to leave negative feedback
. Please note that I may not be able to get every single item you're asking for. Each McDonald's doesn't get every single toy in immediately. They get new stock in every Thursday, and if the item you're looking for isn't there the first time around, I can always check again!

Allergies .
. I own 1 cat, my household has 3 total
. Every package comes with free complimentary cat hair

Shipping .
. Shipping is from Florida, in the United States
. I will ship internationally!
. I'm estimating that the figures will be around $2-3 to ship domestically
. I'm estimating that the figures will be around $7-12 to ship internationally
. I tend to ship next day domestically, but will notify you if there's a change
. I tend to ship within 6 days internationally, but will notify you if there's a change
. Since this is a pick up, there is no guarantee they will have the ones you're looking for in stock

Payment will be due within 48 hours of your total.
Since these arrive in waves, I'll be getting them anytime between now and the next three weeks. I'll keep you guys as updated as I can be! ^^

So, to make a long story short, I know someone who's one of the head managers at a local McDonald's. I'm always visiting them for free smoothies and food, and whenever toy promos come out, I can help myself to any of the toys for free.

Since I can get the toys myself for free, I am only asking for the shipping cost!

I don't have the figures and I'm not sure about the size/weight (I took the old B/W McDonald's figures and used those for a shipping estimate), I cannot give you an accurate shipping quote. I doubt they'll be more than $2-$4 domestically and $6-12 internationally, depending on how many you get. The more figures you get, the more expensive shipping will be. Keep that in mind.

Pikachu: ku_bek, umbreyena, deranged_girl
Lugia: xxlatiosxx, chromapika, umbreyena, deranged_girl, dragonkid20
Rayquaza: mijuwottz, raymence, chromapika, ku_bek, deranged_girl, dragonkid20
Primal Kyogre: deranged_girl
Primal Groudon: ku_bek, schenzi, deranged_girl
Hoopa: mijuwottz, deranged_girl, spritzzie, spritzzie
Wobbuffet: chromapika, deranged_girl
Mega Latios: xxlatiosxx, natsu_neko, absol, deranged_girl, chromapika

Please let me know if you have any questions. ~

Tagging xxlatiosxx and raymence since they were asking about this a few weeks back. C:
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