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Hey guys!

I've decided to part with a few things in my collection in order to save up a bit of money for a grail of mine.
There are some items I just don't appreciate as much anymore, along with some others which I've been trying to sell for quite a long time now and drastically reduced the prices. I just want these gone by now lol.
Please have a look! :)


* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
* My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/j_ule/
* All pkmncollectors rules apply.
* All items come from a pet-free and smoke-free home, though they might have caught a little dust.
* Shipping is from Germany.
* International shipping is around 4 dollars for a pretty big range of items from small to a little bigger, so you can possibly buy several items for a fairly cheap shipping price!
* I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages once they left my house and sadly can't offer any refunds in case this happens.
* All payments are in USD and via paypal only.
* Item prices do not include paypal fees.
* I will charge 20 additional cents for each item to pay for the packaging.
* Please keep in mind that I am quite the slow shipper and can take up to one week to ship out your package.
* No haggling please, unless it says OBO!
* Who commits first gets the item.
* Asking for a quote is not committing, however, if you ask for a quote first, I will hold the item for you and you'll have priority over people committing after you once you decide to definitely buy the item.

WOOPER POKEDOLL, tush tag - $100
Condition: slightly loved and a bit dusty, though still in excellent condition
Note: doesn't have the S sticker on the tush tag, but he is legit (has velboa fabric unlike the fake minkies, right proportions and sweing etc., plus was bought by the previos owner before Wooper bootlegs existed!)

Croagunk Pokedoll - $30
Condition of hangtag: slightly bent, has a few small creases, however nothing drastic!
Condition of Croagunk: has some small almost non-visible spots at right cheek, but I assume they can be cleaned easily with surface-cleaning.

Phantump Custom Plush - $30 OBO

Swirlix Pokedoll, MWT (though a little dusty) - $12

Charmander Ichiban Kuji - $10
I also still have the box it came in

Charmander Yawakarai Plush - $8

Umbreon DX plush, tush tag, near-mint condition - $18 (I paid a lot more when I got her)

Vaporeon I<3Eeevee sitting plush, MWT - $9

Helioptile PC plush, MWT - $10
I might still have the hang tag somewhere
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