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massive pokemon kids figures trades/wanted

hi! i doubt anyone remembers me but i used to frequent this place several years ago!
anyway i'm back hoping to trade some of the pokekids i've gathered over the years for ones i've since used in my teams in the game, if anyone is interested!

i couldn't fit them all in one pic, these are just the organized ones

kids for trade

i am only looking to trade skitty for a different pose skitty at this time! sorry!! got one, thanks!!

TRADED: kingdra, aerodactyl, slugma, absol

looking for these kids
Gen 1 - eevee, rapidash, slowpoke
Gen 2 - quilava, jumpluff
Gen 3 - manectric, altaria
Gen 4 - pachirisu, ambipom, buizel, turtwig (i have an angry looking one, i want a normal/happy looking one lol)
Gen 5 - emolga, oshawott, tepig
Gen 6 - fennekin (angry/attacking), froakie, sylveon, gogoat, helioptile, noibat

if you have any of the above but are not interested in trading, i'm open to purchasing as well. however, i'm only looking to trade mine, so please don't try and convince me to just sell them to you.

if you have any questions about the quality (scuffs, wear, etc) of any of the figures please let me know beforehand and i will do my best to provide pictures. most of them are in great condition but a few have notable wear. (and yes i'll dust them off before sending them out haha)

i have the right to decline an offer if i feel it is not a fair trade. keep in mind i've been around for quite a while so i know which kids are in higher demand! please try to list as many as you are interested in regarding what you have to offer so we can work something out.
(i apologize if i've overcomplicated things, i just don't want to get comments from people offering turtwig for dittochu and freaking out when i reject the trade.)

i ship from massachusetts, USA.
i've been told to mention i have grandfathered sales permission, and here is a link to my remaining 2 feedbacks from before i fell off the face of lj
(i've reread the rules but if i've messed up anywhere as always feel free to correct me!)
Tags: kids, trading
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