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convention gets!

hello!!!! I went to the biggest local anime convention yesterday, and there was a surprisingly large amount of fanmade pokemon goods for sale! and also some other interesting things on display...

first of all....

look at this!!! we had an official Banpresto booth at the con. The recent Lizardon Night Banpresto plush is on display, as well as the johto starters MPC plush. The charizard plush looks adorable in person!! Totally recommend to Charizard fans.

Sadly they were not for sale, only for display :( The only things the booth had for sale were anime figures.

I took some photos of some of the creators' hub booths that sold Pokemon merchandise. The artists didn't seem to be bothered by it, so I think it's ok to share them here!

The Love Live x Pokemon crossover charms were really popular, and almost sold out in the afternoon. Luckily I managed to snag one for ninetails!

There were many others actually, more than last year. I was pleasantly surprised but also very financially unprepared.

I only got 3 pokemon-related things, but I love them!!

These gorgeous charms!!!!!!! Funny story: While I was being indecisive about the Lati charms, the artist told me there was only one new set left so I should probably get it. Riiiiight when I was about to say "Ok, I'll get one set" - a girl walked up to the booth and bought one!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOO !!!!! :(

But wait-!! The artist took out the last piece of stock and discovered.... another one!!! There were exactly 2 sets left in the bag, so I immediately said I'll get one!!! They're so beautiful and they're actually 2 separate charms, but if you put them side by side it'll form a heart

I actually wanted the Blue/Green and Steven charms as well!! Extreme regret!!! But Red is still adorable.

Now for some non-pokemon gets..!!

Actually, the main reason I went to this convention is for my favourite artist - namface/namgoreng/Namie!!! I'm not sure if anyone here knows her, but she's Australian so it's a rare opportunity for me to buy her merchandise w/o shipping fee.
(animal crossing poster!)

squid kids!!!!! (+ the thing in the background is a gorgeous artbook by another artist. I actually have no idea who are the characters inside, probably original characters, but it was amazing so I got it!!)

I even managed to get her autograph and talk to her for a bit, she's so cute ;w;

That's it for now! Have a happy weekend, because mine is ending soon. ^^;

Do you buy fanmade merchandise? (prints, books, charms)

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