Kumori (eiei_o_kumori) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Auction Totals

I finally got the invoice of the Metal Figures Group Auction. Internation Shipping was a ton as expected.

Anyway Here's what people owe for their figures and Shipping from me to you, ect.
scarsofsunlight - Charizard $5
badgerr_ftw - Arbok $5
g_manluver - Likitung $6
aphotic - Seel $7
kefanii - Sandshrew $9
toda - Magnemite $6
tufails - Nidoqueen, Cubone $6
meowthcollector - Staru, Ditto $8
ridi - Voltorb, Electrode $14
firebomb - Oddish $5
bergunty - Wartortle, Raichu [box only] $11

If this seems a little high let me know. I'm just worried about the weight for these. I have no idea how much they weigh and since international shipping was a lot, i'm guessing these are a tad heavier then normal.

Please send all Payments to Kumori.Chan@hotmail.com and include what you ordered and your LJ username.
Thanks guys.
Tags: group auction
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