Jessica (lordboop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Weedles! + sales

Hello! As surprising as it is, my sister's favorite Pokemon of all time is Weedle. She does not like Kakuna or Beedrill...but she does like Weedle.

Last Christmas I gave my sister 62 Weedle cards, at least 50 of them being the exact same Weedle card from the first set of Pokemon cards. This year I would like to get her a few Weedle items, so show me what you got! I've already spent a lot on her gifts this year, but I still want to get at least a few Weedles.

If there are any plush or figures, those would be best, but feel free to show my anything, except cards! LOL she has enough cards!

Here is a link to my sales as well. Have some new items, plus some custom plush are still there! Unfortunately plush commissions are filled right now!
Tags: weedle
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