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Christmas Card Sales!~

Happy holidays comm! I haven't posted for a while, life got to be a little too hectic, but everything is just peachy now! :P I have been lurking and buying things here and there, and my collection has grown considerably since I last posted an update!

I'm working on a re-introduction, so expect to see that soon! ^_^

On to the important part of the post!

So since Christmas is just around the corner and I have a TON of excess Pokemon cards, I figured I could do a sort of stocking stuffer bundle sale!

✖ I was granted sales permission on January 18, 2014 by entirelycliched!
✖ My feedback can be found here!
I ship from Texas♥ my shipping day is Saturday! Sometimes it'll take me a week or so to ship, but I try to be fast! And sorry NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING
Shipping for non-flats starts around $2-3
Paypal only!
I have a dog that doesn't go near my collection area, but I can't guarantee that his fur hasn't gotten in anything!
I'm willing to do holds, only if you're 100% committed, and we must discuss the terms first!
Priority over an item goes to the first person who asks about it, even if they don't automatically say they're committed! If there is no response after 12 hours, the item will go to the next person!
Once you've committed to an item, please pay within 24 hours. If payment isn't received by then and you haven't talked to me about it, the item will go back up for sale or to the next person asking about it
I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages once they have been shipped
Please no PMs, if you have a question or anything, just ask in the comments! :)
I've been pretty terrible about feedback, but I'm determined to keep up with it now! I will leave you feedback once I have shipped your items!

Shipping and fees are included!
Bundles can include commons, uncommons, rares, reverse holos, and holos. EXs and Full Arts are only available for the 50 card bundles
These bundles will not contain trainers or energies, unless specifically requested!
If there are any pokemon you want in particular (i.e. all fire types, pikachus, meowths, etc.) I will try to include them. I can't guarantee all of them, as I may not have extras of them all, but I will try my best!
I have tins upon tins filled with cards from base set all the way to the newest sets, so I have an extremely large variety of cards available!

10 random cards for $5
25 random cards for $10
50 random cards for $20

Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns! This is my first time doing something like this, and I hope it goes well! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! =]

(p.s. I will be going to sleep soon, so I will reply to any comments in the morning!)
Tags: eeveelutions, pancham, sales, stickers, tcg
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