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Metal GA XIV+XV Final Payment

Comments from Digi:
"For those who got to have a week break due to Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good one! Here's the final shipping payment to you, and you may request a hold on your package as we might be running more Metal GAs.

If anything is on your mind, feel free to comment!"

Link to Metal GA XIV Payment 1

Link to Metal GA XV Payment 1

This post concerns:
chronidu, h1tchh1ker, iamconfused1, laurenbachmann, lone_enigma, nicolarbear, pkmnexcavation, raymence, sabbolt, smalldog_jr, technicolorcage, xxlatiosxx

-Please be sure to check and make sure all your metals figures were photographed.
-Please write "Metal GA XIV & XV Final Payment" and also include the item(s) you won.
-Send payment to kaly206[at]hotmail[dot]com, and be sure to select your preferred shipping address.
-If you need to PM your address because it is not available on your Paypal, please ask first. You will be given a new total to send.
-Please pay within 48 hours so we prevent delayed shipping.
-Spreadsheet is located a little further down this entry.

-Comment below so we know that you have paid, or if you would like to request a payment extension.
-International Folks: Please tell us how much would you like Digi to mark down for the value of your package on your customs form if you are concerned. He will write how much you paid in total if there are no instructions.
-Paypal will update US residents with a tracking number, and international folks will receive a customs number.

-Please understand that since this a GA there will be no compensation for lost or damaged packages in the mail.
**WE encourage requesting insurance or choosing to go with Priority Mail: Small Flat Rate Box**
-Base prices for insurance within the US in addition to your current shipping cost:
$2.20 covers up to $50
$2.75 covers $51-$100
$3.50 covers $101-$200
$4.60 covers $201-$300

-Registered Mail for International Mail in addition to your current shipping cost:
starts at $13.95 - covers up to $400 (please, tell me your value)
(You may use Express Mail, which is extremely expensive, but I could give quotes)
More info on Registered Mail here. http://ircalc.usps.com/PopUps/RegisteredMail.htm

-Please let us know if you would like to add Insurance (US residents) or Registered Mail (International folks). We will give you a new quote.

***Just so we are clear***
-Digi cannot compensate you for any damaged/lost packages in the mail without insurance. Since it's a GA, he does not have the money anymore; it's been used towards paying off the lot and international shipping.

-By sending payment without insurance you are telling us you agree to accept any risks of damage/loss.
-FYI: We've had zero shipping problems since we began running GAs.

USPS Shipping Rates (US):
First-Class Mail with Tracking
$2.54 = 1-3 ounces
$2.74 = 4 ounces
$2.94 = 5 ounces
$3.14 = 6 ounces
$3.34 = 7 ounces
$3.54 = 8 ounces
$3.74 = 9 ounces
$3.94 = 10 ounces
$4.14 = 11 ounces
$4.34 = 12 ounces
$4.54 = 13 ounces

Priority Mail - Small Flat Rate Box with Tracking and Insurance (covers up to $50)
$5.75 = 14+ounces

(International prices varies by weight and country, sorry no chart!! But will begin at $7.50)

More Comments from Digi:

"I'd like all payments to come in this time around. Requesting a hold won't delay your payment but you will still be able to combine shipments. Packages that are not held, will be shipped out as soon as all payment are in.

At any time, you can ask me to go ship out your package after you've requested your hold, and I'll make time to dispatch your package. Since, it's really tough to win YJ Auctions right now, we might also lose these future GAs due to lack of funding. BUT running these GAs are worth a shot for our members!

Also, I would like to mention that I may be posting metal figures for sale/auction at some point. No promises ^^; because I'm awful at following a deadline for myself to post a sales entry.

As a thank you to international bidders in our metal GAs, you guys may have US packages shipped to my place to combine with your metal figures package. Just ask me, and we can make arrangements."

OR CLICK HERE if you'd like to see the spreadsheet with all the nitty gritty details.

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