eeveeboo_2 (eeveeboo_2) wrote in pkmncollectors,


hi i just wanted a lot of questions answered
im collecting more now than i ever had before. and now that im getting cought up i have come acrossed some seires of figures i never heard of. probably because i was on a Okami kick. but most of you will probably scroll by this post.


what does  FCS stand for?

what generations does FCS cover?

what other figure seires is the eeveelutions in?

what do mwt, mib, mip, and tto mean?

how do you tag a user in a post? (i have some lovely ppl to thank)

what pokemon are the battle stadium seires?

i have a glaceon is there any other eevees in the battle stadium seires?

how do you tell the differance in a keshipoke and a chupa?

What is a v-trainer?

is there any other eevees in the TGF seires?

sorry for the question bomb but i see so many lovely figures i just want to know where they came from. thank you for reading my post.
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