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long awaited gets + super mega grail!!

yo so hows your guys' thanksgiving been? Mine was really amazing I swear I ate an entire turkey and a whole pumpkin pie :00 anyways haha I've gotten some things recently, and I thought I'd share it all with you!

Look at these beauties!! I was really really lucky to get my hands on these guys, it seems like they're either sold out on most sites or they're being sold for ridiculously high prices 0.o either way, both plushes are beautiful especially ninetails :3 I reccommend grabbing one from the pokemon center soon, they'll probably be all sold out really soon (I know vulpix is, hopefully they'll restock soon!)

OMGOMGOMG It is finally mine!! The 2007 pokemoncenter fuzzy mew T.T I'm so happy I could cry! I actually have one of these already but it's eye is damaged so its really awesome to have one thats in really good condition, I bought this from pumpkaboo_patch HUGE thanks cause this has been a grail of mine for ages and ages

Last but not least, my vaporeon kuttari! Love these guys, i wish the US hangtags weren't so boring :/ its nice that they're removable though, so you don't have to worry about the tags getting damaged or creased

Thats all folks!! Hope you guys have a good day/evening/night -Maya
Tags: mew, ninetales, vaporeon, vulpix
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