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Feel free to drop me offers on any items in my sales. I also have some Christmas items below! Check them out!

I am still doing a special shipping discount:
*For every purchase over $15 gets 5% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $25 gets 10% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $50 gets 25% OFF shipping.



Please read my rules carefully.
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I was granted sales permission on September 22nd, 2014 by entirelycliched
*My community feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/aki199257/
*I will not sell to banned users.
*Please express clearly whether you are committed or just asking a quote. Priority on item(s) will go to those who first commits to the item(s).
*The price of each item does not include Paypal fees and shipping cost.
*Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
*I come from a pet-free and non-smoking home.
*I will not accept returns and not responsible for lost packages or damaged packages, once the items leaves my hands.
*Majority of the items are USED. If you are concerned about the conditions of the items, please ask for further details or pictures if needed.
*I accept holds for 24 hours only if you are committed to the item(s).
*Payment is expected within 24 hours. Please contact me if you need more time to pay for items before you commit to the item.
*Offers are welcome. But don't be upset if I reject your offer thou. Whoever has the best offers gets the item.
*If you have read my rules, please write "bubbles" somewhere in your message.
*I am willing to consider trades, here's my wants list: http://aki199257.livejournal.com/1222.html. Mostly interested in customs (plush or figure) and pokemon from my main collection: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Dragonite, Houndoom, Houndour, Poochyena, Mightyena, Shinx, Luxray, Pikachu, Pachirisu, and Leafeon. Feel free to contact me!

*Shipping to the U.S. starts at $8.50 for small to medium size plushies.
*For flats, shipping starts at $2 for shipping in an envelope for smaller flats and $5.50 for notebook size. Small Mega Bloks can go under the flat rate. Anything as long as it is within 2cm, can go under the flat rate.
*Shipping does not include tracking, if you need tracking, please ask.

Squirtle Mirage Lot $125 OBO
*Mirage Squirtle is about 5.5" tall, 5" long and 5" wide!
*Squirtle Walky Plush is mint with both tags and charms. Charms have slightly yellowed over time which is very normal for this line of plushies.

Mewtwo Mirage Lot $500 OBO
*Mirage Mewtwo is about 7.5" tall, 7.5" long and 6" wide!
*Hasbro Mewtwo bank is mint in box.
*Mewtwo bottlecap is mint in package.

Pikachu Plush Lot $45 (before shipping) or individually:
*Hasbro Pikachu with zipper at the back (Hasbro, no tags) $10
*Closed mouth smiling Pikachu (JPY) $10
*Advance Generation Pikachu (Large) $20
*Advance Generation Pikachu (Small, keychain) $12

Tepig Lot $11 (before shipping) or individually:

*Tepig (JPN TOMY) $10
*Tepig Plush Keychain (JPN) $3

Custom Slyveon (soft fleece) $75 OBO
Pokemon Walky Squirtle Plush with Emoticons (*RARE*!, not in production anymore, 2010, JPN)
Seel Plush (SOLD)
Pokemon Friends Plushies (JPN, Bandai): Poliwhirl and Charmander $12, Psyduck $8 Ditto $30

Charmander Wind Chime (*RARE, JPN) $50 OBO
Charmander Bank $35 OBO
Pikachu Bank $8
Pikachu Standing Mcdonalds Toy (doesn’t light up anymore ) $1
Buneary Bobblehead MIB (*RARE, JPN, made in 2009) $15
Bulid-able Ash $8
Lucario Kara Figure $15
Mega Groudon 2014 Promo Figure (JPN) $12
Pikachu Bottlecap $3
Grovyle in bottle figure (*RARE, New, JPN) $15
Pikachu Rolly figure $5
Tyranitar TFG $5
Azurill Bean (New, JPN) $4
Mewtwo Bottlecap MIP
Build-able Charzard (SOLD)
Build-able Zapdos $10

Kakuna Keychain $2
Chikorita Squishy Keychain (*RARE*, JPN) $16
Pikachu Chubby Keychain $8
Pikachu Keychain (Vintage) $6
Winter Series Snowman Charms (Pikachu and Oshawott) $12 each
Elekid Strap $10
Bulbasaur Pokemon Centre Strap (New, JPN) $25
Pikachu P-shaped light $3

Mewoth Swing Chain $5
Gyarados Swing Chain $10
Pikachu Swing Chain (MIP) (SOLD)
Machop Swing Chain $7
Clefairy Swing Chain $9
Charmander Swing Chain $8
Squirtle Swing Chain $8
Tiny Pikachu Ball-Chain $4
Pikachu Strap $5
Zorua Strap $5
Bulbasaur Strap $10
Eevee Ball-Chain $5
Mankey Bal-Chain $4
Tiny Pikachu Charm $4
Tiny Pikachu Charm #2 $5
Registeal Charm $8
Croagunk Ball-Chain $4
Smaller Eevee Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Kyurem Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Deoxys Ball-Chain (MIP) $5
Charizard Ball-Chain (MIP) (SOLD)
Dialga Metal Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Lucario Metal Ball-Chain $8
Squritle Metal Ball-Chain $4
Treecko Metal Ball-Chain $5
Flygon Metal Ball-Chain $12

Unofficial Mewtwo Keychain $10 OBO

Large Mega Bloks:
*Groudon $10
*Rest $5

Regular Mega bloks are $5 each unless otherwise stated:

Column #1:
*Pelipper X2
*Wingull (SOLD)

Column #2:
*Treecko X 2 $8 each
*Torchic $8

Column #3:
*Spinda $8
*Zigzagoon $12
*Swablu X2 $8 each

Column #4:
*Pikachu shocked X2
*Pikachu happy
*Pikachu angry

Column #5:
*Carvanha X2

Column #6:
*Phanpy $10
*Sandshrew X2 $8 each

Column #7:
*Gardevoir $10
*Kirlia $10
*Roselia $8
*Ninjask (SOLD)
*Illumise x2

Column #8:
*Spheal $10
*Wailmer $10
*Surskit X2
*Azurill X2

Column #9:
*Natu $10
*Igglybuff $8
*Gulpin X2 $8 each

Energy Bases:
$0.25 each or one free when you buy more than 5 bloks. SOLD: Fire bases

Row #1:
Grimer FCS $6
Zubat FCS $6
Nidoqueen FCS $6
Marowak FCS $6

Row #2:
Dodou FCS X2 $6 each
Hitmonlee FCS $6
Pinsir FCS $6
Jynx FCS $4

Row #3:
Aerodactyl (brown base) FCS $6
Aerodactyl (green base) FCS $7
Charizard FCS $10
Venusaur FCS X2 $10 each

Row #4:
Alakazam (no base) FCS $5
Raichu (some marks) FCS $6
Poliwhirl X 2 $6 (with base) $5 (without base)
Squirtle FCS $6
Omanyte FCS $10

Row #5:
MIP Pikachu FCS $6
Clear Pikachu FCS $6 (SOLD)
Blissey FCS $6
Zubat FCS $6
Crobat FCS $6

*Inserts are free. One per person.

Snorlax Kid $3
Bulbasaur Kid (slight paint rub) $3
Bayleef Kid $3
Shiny Painted Jolteon Kid (some marks) $5
Unown (G) Kid $3
Mudkip Suction Cup $10
Venusaur Suction Cup $10
Pikachu Suction Cup $5
Ditto Stamper *Rare* $18
Mew Stamper *Rare* $18
Mew Bowling pin *Rare* $20
Hitmonchan Metal figure $4

Vintage Stampers (Red and blue) $5 each except Rattata with the missing cap is $4. SOLD: Sandshrew
Pikachu self-ink Stampers $3 each
Other self-ink Stampers $5 each
Snorlax Stamper $6
Alakazam Stamper $6
Gastly Stamper $6
Ponyta Stamper (SOLD)
Rapidash Stamper (SOLD)

Nidorina Stamper $8
Seadra Stamper $6
Kadabra Stamper $6
Blastiose Stamper $8
Ivysaur Stamper (missing bottom cap) $5
Pokemon Monsters Self-Ink Stampers (still have ink and works great!): Chansey $8, Poliwhirl $6, Pikachu $5
*Green Case is free you buy all 3 roll stampers
Marill Stamper (not self-ink) $8
Oddish Stamper (not self-ink) $8

Dragonite Pose-able Figure $10
Sandshrew Tomy Figure $8
Fennekin 7/11 Figure $7
Froakie 7/11 Figure $5
Chespin 7/11 Figure $5
Diancie 7/11 Figure $7
Klefki 7/11 Figure $6
Standing Glossy Pikachu $5
Gengar Figure $10
Sneasel Figure (SOLD)
Minun Figure $5
Latias Figure $6
Chandelure Figure $5
Surfing Pikachu $6
Sleepy Pikachu $7
Kyogre Rolly $10
Bellossom Figure $4
Clefairy Figure $4
Machop Figure $4
Samurott Figure #1 $3
Samurott Figure #2 $3
Raticate Figure $3
Pikachu Figure $3
Cyndraquil Colour Dice $6
Slowpoke Figure $12
Sandshrew Figure $6
Geodude Figure $3
Venusaur Figure $8
Dratini Mini Figure $5
Emolga Figure $3
Bulbasaur Pokedex figure $4
Meowth Chibi Pokemodels Figure (Super Rare) $10
Flareon Chibi Pokemodels Figure (Super Rare) $40 OBO
Minccino plush tail pen $20
Bulbasaur Vintage Gel Pen (Ink no longer works) $2
Pikachu Pencil Cap $0.50

Pokemon Tapes:
*1st Row $10 (2 stock)
*2nd Row $12

$5 each except Kakuna and Beedrill is $3

Marill Christmas Stocking Figure (Wear at the ears) $8
Togepi Christmas Present Figure (Some wear) $8
Clear Pikachu Wreath Figure $10
Clear Pikachu Candle Figure $10
Pikachu Santa Hat Figure $10
Pichu Christmas Present Figure $8

Mystery Dungeon Pencil Board (double sided, there is different print on the other side) (2007) $15
Mystery Dungeon Notebook (another print on the other side) (2007) $18
Clarify 3D sticker $1
Pan Stickers: Marill and Axew $3 each
Mewtwo with Espeon flat $5
ORAS flat $1
Chansey Flat $1
Mochi Leafeon Custom Keychain $8
Cyndraquil DS Game Cases $8

Large Mega Blok Pokeballs (some marks) $15 each
Heal Ball $8
Mini Vinly Pokeball $6

FREEBIES PER $25 PURCHASE!!! May increase shipping.
*Poke-box bookmark is free with a purchase over $75 not including shipping.
TAKEN: Xerneas sticker
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