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New Gets

I recently got some new stuff in the mail recently! I do have a few more things being sent to me, but I will make a post for those later. In the mean time click the cut to see what I got :D (sort of a long post, lots of pictures)

This is the Bandai D-Arts Venusaur action figure :D I was super excited to find this on ebay, and had to get it (even if my bank account is crying xD ) I didn't attach the vines, because they fit very poorly in the slots, and kept coming apart much to my dislike, but, on the other hand he sits nicely. I wish there was a way to secure him better on the display stand but there wasn't any pegs or anything but that's okay. His head/mouth, and legs are fully poseable! The flower petals on the giant flower are moveable too which I thought was really cool :)

Here is a picture of my little Venusaur collection. I didn't think I would ever start collecting Venusaur stuff but I've really come to love this Pokemon :)

The bell keychain I was able to get from samisales aka _sasami_ so thank you! I was able to get the squishy ball from ebay, luckily there was one left :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day :)
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