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Just Some Plushies I Am Hunting For!

I think some of these images might even be from past posts. I found them all on Google images. But these Plushies pictured are ones I am in search of. I LIKE ANY AND ALL Poké Dolls and Plushes so let me know if you have any you're trying to get rid of.

I am willing to pay a reasonable price for anything. (Whatever that price may be.)

If any of these images are your images are yours and you would like for me to not use them please let me know.

I only want plushes and pokédolls with both the tush tag and the hang tag.

Thank you all.

Tags: dialga, entei, metagross, mismagius, palkia, plush, pokedoll, raikou, reshiram, rotom, spiritomb, suicune, wobbuffet, zekrom
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