zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for this jumbo Rayquaza card

Been trying to look for this thing since it came out, and like many other boxes when NA got a figure, EU got a jumbo card inside. The Mega Charizard jumbo cards are already had to find, and very pricey. Never did see those pop up on eBay for a good price, even for the cards themselves! I easily got the Xerneas/Yveltal ones as just the cards, and recently a seller put up the Mega Mewtwo boxes up at NA prices, which I had to snag! Mega Charizard jumbos are now impossible to find (except at high British Pound prices...)

This Rayquaza though? I can't find it anywhere! Well ok, a seller on Amazon.com has the whole box for $60+, and importing it from Amazon.co.uk would be above $80 for shipping and everything >_> But geeze those are way too high! I wish more sellers had just the cards...

Anyone happen to have this guy (or even the Mega Charizard jumbos)? Hoping to spend under $10, since that's what I've been spending on my other jumbo cards, from both NA and EU, off eBay.
Tags: cards, mega charizard, rayquaza, wants
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